Olympic Bars / Collars / Spring Clips
C3-01 Chrome Steel Quick Release Collar 0.5Kg
C3-03 Quick Release Collar 2.2 1b
C3-04 Spring Clip 2"
C3-05 Spring Clip With 2"
C3-10 Olympic Sleeve For Leg Extension
C3-11 Olympic Sleeve Adapter W/ Tighten Bolt
C3-12 86" Olympic Super Bar-High Heat & Black Powder Finish
C3-13 86" Olympic Training Bar-Chrome Finish
C3-14 86" Olympic Training Bar-Black Powder Finish
C3-15 72" Olympic Training Bar-Chrome Finish
C3-16 60" Olympic Training Bar-Chrome Finish

Standard Bars / Collars / Spring Clips
C3-06 2" Locking Pad
C3-07 3/8" L Bolt
C3-08 Heat Treated Allen Wrench For Olympic Bars
C3-09 Premium Spin Lock Collar 2.5Kg
C3-17 Cambered Bar-Chrome Finish
C3-18 Olympic Tricep Curl Bar-Chrome Finish
C3-19 Olympic Sleeve-Chrome Finish
C3-20 47" EZ Curl Bar Black-Chrome Finish

Standard Bars / Collars / Spring Clips
C3-21 47" EZ Curl Bar Chrome-Chrome Finish
C3-22 Olympic Tricep Bar-Chrome Finish
C3-23 Olympic Dumbbell Handle-Chrome Finish

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