Standard Bars / Collars / Spring Clips
B2-01 Regular Barbell Bar. 1"*84" Solid
B2-01A Regular Barbell Bar. 1"*72" Solid
B2-02 Regular Barbell Bar. 1"*60" Solid
B2-03 Regular EZ Curl Bar. 1"* 47" Hollow
B2-04 Regular EZ Curl Bar. 1"* 47" Solid
B2-14 Cast lron 0.25kg Collar With Screw
B2-15 Cast lron 0.5kg Collar With Screw

Standard Bars / Collars / Spring Clips
B2-05 Triceps Curl Bar
B2-06 Triceps Bar 1"*34" Hollow
B2-07 Heavy Dumbbell Sleeve 1" & 1-1/16"
B2-08 Triceps Bar 1"*34" Solid
B2-16 Steel Ring Collar With Screw
B2-17 Double Lock Collar With Screw
B2-18 Chrome Steel Forged Swivel
B2-19 Chrome Steel swivel
B2-20 Spring Clip 1" & 1-1/16"

Standard Bars / Collars / Spring Clips
B2-09 Dumbbell Handle 1" *14" Solid
B2-10 Dumbbell Handle 1" *14" Hollow
B2-11 Threaded Barbell Bar 1"**84" With Star Collars
B2-11A Threaded Barbell Bar 1"*72" With Star Collars
B2-11B Threaded Barbell Bar 1"*60" With Star Collars
B2-12 Threaded EZ Curl Bar Barbell 1"*47" With Star Collars
B2-13 Threaded Dumbbell Handle 1"*14" With Star Collars
B2-21 Spring Clip 30mm
B2-22 Star Lock Collar

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